Software Outsourcing


Successful outsourcing of software development requires reliable technology partner in order to achieve all its advantages:

  1. Access to larger talent pool
  2. Cost optimization based on difference in local costs between countries
  3. Applying know-how that technology partners brings into the relation

Software development process is meant to be performed by software professionals who are seasoned with software life cycle and all it bits and nuances. Outsourcing software project or entire process is a viable solution for variety of all other businesses to acquire tailor made software product and gain entire set of advantages from professional services.

Outsourcing, both off shoring and near shoring, supports cost effectiveness of acquiring software solutions. We offer delivery from the Belgrade, Serbia, a location in central Europe within same time zone and working hours to Western European countries and reasonable difference to US based clients.


We are focused to deliver Web and Mobile applications.

For other software developers we provide specific industry services:

  1. Testing (planning, automation, performance)
  2. Project management
  3. CI/CD pipeline